Sunday, August 2, 2015

Job posting: petrochemical testing chemist, Philadelphia, PA

Via Reddit:
Hello, we are hiring a chemist or two in New Jersey, just south of Philadelphia. We do testing on petrochemicals such as crude oil, jet fuel, diesel, gasoline, and heating oil. If you are interested, please apply at the link below and send me a message letting me know a bit about yourself. Please note the chemist position is for an experienced chemist with 5+ years experience. 
We also have a technician spot open for new or less experienced chemists. You can apply on the same site and I'll have your information. Thank you!
Link here. Best wishes to those interested.  

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Daily Pump Trap: 7/30/15 edition

A few of the industrial positions posted on C&EN Jobs this past week:

Kingsport, TN: Eastman Chemical is doing a little hiring: 3 positions, including a Ph.D. organic chemist position.

Don't see one of these very often: Ascend Performance Materials (Pensacola, FL) is looking for a nylon process engineer. Not exactly the most common of positions, for sure. (Ascend is apparently one of the world's largest processors of nylon?)

Charlotte, NC: Nor one of these - Albemarle Lithium looking for a Ph.D. inorganic chemist.

Fremont, CA: Spectranetics is looking for a B.S. chemist to perform QC testing of "drug-device combination products."

Wichita , KS: Flint Hills Refinery is looking for an experienced M.S. chemist to perform analytical work.

ACS Boston Career Fair Watch: 97 positions so far. Looks good, I think.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Endeavorist seeking part-time workers

From the inbox, a scientific crowdsourcing site looking for help:  
Endeavorist Ambassador position: part-time, virtual, potential for some serious beer money.  
Help us bring curious people together to crowdfund education, business ventures, or experiments- and get paid to do it!  
Endeavorist Ambassadors represent and promote Endeavorist within their academic and social environments, primarily with the purpose of driving new, active users to the platform. They are passionate individuals who understand the scope and mission of Endeavorist. Help us  identify open-minded students and researchers in need of funding for their projects, and encourage them to crowdfund their work via Endeavorist. 
For every campaign that is launched by the ambassador, we pay $100. If the campaign successfully completes, we pay $50 or 2%, which ever is greater.  
Applicants can read more about responsibilities here or email for more information. 
Best wishes to those interested.  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I want to wait a respectful amount of time before I comment on it, but I do want to express my profound sadness that there have been layoffs at C&EN. Best wishes to those affected. 

Daily Pump Trap: 7/29/15 edition

A few of the positions posted on C&EN Jobs:

Albany, NY (among others): I see that AMRI is hiring, with 7 positions posted. (AMRI still has a facility in Buffalo? Or was it the Syracuse one that was closed?) 

Tewksbury, MA: Cambridge Isotopes is looking for an experienced Ph.D. synthetic organic chemist. Also, a group leader. 

Boston, MA: Kala Pharmaceuticals is looking for an experienced process chemist for crystallization development. ("API nanocrystals"? That's a new one.)  

Stamford, CT: Cytec Industries posted 3 positions, including an organic chemist position (experience with phosphorus and sulfur chemistry desired.)

Sunrise, FL: Partikula is looking for, well, you: 
You are a highly motivated scientist with a strong organic and/or metallic polymer chemistry background. You will become an integral member of a top-caliber team focused on the discovery and development of novel anti-cancer therapies based on cancer metabolism and apoptosis, branching out to other diseases over time.
Best wishes, you. (All of you.) 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ivory Filter Flask: 7/28/15 edition

A few of the academically-related positions on C&EN Jobs:

Looks like the academic season is heating up...

Sherman, TX: Austin College is looking for an experimental physical chemist.

Jupiter, FL: Scripps Florida looking for 2 professors ("all areas of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, natural products chemistry, or chemical biology.")

Spokane, WA: Whitworth University is looking for an interdisciplinary chemistry professor:
An interdisciplinary chemist is preferred (such as materials, computational, environmental, bioorganic, or biophysical chemistry) but other areas of expertise considered. 

Manhattan, KS: Kansas State is looking for a professor of chemical engineering at all levels.

Portland, OR: Reed College is looking for an assistant professor of inorganic chemistry. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Letter to the editor: who to believe on Alzheimer's?

Also in this week's C&EN, an interesting letter on Alzheimer's: 
“Alzheimer’s Next Chapter” by Lisa Jarvis highlights the lack of consensus regarding the primary mechanism of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease (C&EN, June 1, page 11). This is a significant problem because understanding the causal mechanism of a disease process provides a rational platform for drug development. 
Unfortunately, the Alzheimer’s field is dominated by two exclusive ideological factions—tauists and βaptists. In our opinion, this situation has impaired the search for effective pharmacotherapies. The myopic focus on the amyloid-β plaques and neurofibrillary tangles is dangerous and frankly unwarranted, since the presence of protein anomalies does not necessarily indicate pathogenic significance. 
In this regard, it is noteworthy that some evidence suggests that the tangles and plaques are of secondary pathophysiological importance. Regardless, the failure to adequately consider alternative mechanisms can prematurely narrow the field of hypothesis testing. 
Initial studies in the field of Alzheimer’s disease neuropathogenesis identified nerve terminal dysfunction and defective mitochondrial bioenergetics coupled to oxidative stress as early consequences of Alzheimer’s. Whereas some might consider these to be outdated parameters, the resulting changes in central nervous system neurotransmission represent a plausible basis for the cognitive deficits that characterize the disease. 
Based on the probable complexity of Alzheimer’s neuropathogenesis, it is clear that the molecular process of Alzheimer’s disease neurodegeneration is highly complex and, as Genentech’s Carole Ho points out, the most effective approach will likely involve combination therapy. 
Richard M. LoPachin
Bronx, N.Y. 
Terrence Gavin
New Rochelle, N.Y.
I don't understand Alzheimer's biology well enough to have an opinion on this letter, other than to say that I wish that C&EN would offer some sort of third-party explanation to go along with these letters. I guess the problem with my desire is that someone with enough Alzheimer's biology experience to have an informed opinion is going to be either a "tauist or a βaptist."

There's this strange aspect of the letters to the editor at C&EN to act as an outpost of Medical Hypotheses. It's both interesting (always makes for great reading) and question inducing, but still I feel it needs more context from a trusted source.

UPDATE: A respected reader writes in to ask which letters to C&EN I am referring to. Here are a few:
All of these are really interesting, but (as I have said) it'd be great to get some sort of expert opinion to accompany them. Overthinking it, I'm sure. 

This week's C&EN

A few of the stories from this week's issue: